Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Felted Failure

Boo Hoo! After all that work, Diber's prediction came true! But I'll tell you ALL about it anyway :)
I decided to go whole hog on my felting project. (Remember?) I sure-nuff BOILED that sweater on the stove.
I boiled it hard for about 20 minutes, complete with thick gloves and tools with which to wring its little neck.
Then, I put it in the washer on a cold rinse, and spun it out twice on the spin cycle. THEN, I put it in the dryer and dried it on HOT, until it was bone-dry. And you know what happened?


Absolutely nuthin. That sweater looked the same size as the day I bought it as Sally's. Complete with 17 moth holes.

And what I find mildly irritating is that, if I'd bought a lovely new sweater and accidentally washed/dried it, I'm certain that it would have shrunk to fit my 11 year old. Sigh.

Well, friends, I'm determined not to waste that $1, and to find some cute something I can make with that lovely, delicious orange wool. Hmm. Y'know, this sounds crazy, but I'd really like to make it into a pumpkin. I'll let you know what happens with that.

Meanwhile, this morning I was feeling so utterly BLAH, that Adam made me a fire, and I made myself breakfast.
(Yes, that's my home-made bread you see there, and those are farm-fresh eggs.)
I ate it on a tray in the living room, gazing lovingly at the fire, and proceeded to spend the next five hours or so doing only work that could be done on the couch. So, I balanced the checkbook, went through the Visa bill, graded some school work, made corrections on a novel I wrote years ago and which Adam is editing for me, taught the first 2 scenes of Macbeth, graded some more school work, and now I'm blogging. The fire is cold, at last, at 3:17 PM.


  1. Hiya, thanks for your comment on my creations blog. I am sorry but I have never felted either, so can't help you with that :( Maybe you can find some answers through google??

    (Oh and my English blog is no longer updated, but you read that I guess lol)

    Hugs from Marian

  2. PS You can also read my Dutch/English blog:

  3. can't wait to see your pumpkin! :)


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