Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lookin' Swanky!

Peter had "dress to impress" day at school today. Yesterday was "dress from the past," and he looked more like a 1920s man. He likes suspenders, and now claims he wishes he could dress up all the time. Good lookin' guy! Adam's like that too -- he will wear his Sunday necktie all day long, and say he's not even uncomfortable.  I'm the opposite;  I'm taking off those nasty pantyhose as soon as possible.  I must admit, I haven't even WORN the things in the past several years.  I despise them. (Now, you see how we women can drift from our kid's school day, to wearing pantyhose, in just a few words. So sad. Early dementia.)
I dabbled in the pumpkin sweater last night a bit. This is a crude demonstration of the type of "feather" stitch I'm thinking of. I liked this color yarn before, but after using it, it doesn't really stand out.
This is a pretty serious needle. It's good though, because I only have the small neck of the pumpkin to reach in through, and this long needle reaches into spots that my hand couldn't.
I got this needle at a junk store, with a craft project of some sort, many years ago. It was for Anna, but she was too little to trust with such a weapon.  A running joke in our home is that Anna leaves needles and pins ALL OVER THE HOUSE, and always on the floor. She must shed them. But this needle, left on the floor, could do some serious damage!

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