Monday, October 11, 2010

Fallish Fun at Wally World

Gotta love the candy overload at Wally World, just before Halloween! Lookie here:
Orange is my LEAST favorite color. Still, I usually spring for one bag of these for the kids. I've never liked them much, but I notice that they disappear in the candy dish at home :)
And see what we found in the center aisle everything-you-could-need-to-bake-during-the-fall-season display! Giant marshmallows for campfire roasting! I've never, ever seen these before. What a great idea! These monsters must be twice as big as the regular "large" ones. Super-size me! Well, actually I didn't buy any, even though Julia would LOVE some.
I did get this little box. It's the flavor -- pumpkin anything! I'm not excited about the "instant" part of it though. I prefer cooked pudding, from scratch. Might need to dredge up a recipe on that one, and let you know.
This last pic is NOT a fun item from Wally World today. This one is a disappointment. We all know what's going on in the world of light bulbs these days. The old round ones are soon to be gone forever. We're left with these:
(Lighting's version of soft serve ice cream, ya think?)
My lamp shades that snap onto the round bulbs? Sorry, but they'll be useless too. And these "wonder bulbs" that are supposed to last for 4-7 years? They DON'T. We've only been in this house for 3 1/2 years, and didn't start using them until about 2 years ago. We've had four -- FOUR -- go dead on us. This one today was probably in the kids' bathroom for a year. And these things are NOT cheap! I bought a box of 6 today (60 watt equivalency) for $11.68. Ugh. If this is progress, take me BACK, please.

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