Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pom Poms

Julia watched the Pom Pom Granny video I posted earlier today, and made these pom poms. She just used ordinary yarn.
When I left for Bible study, she'd made two, and named them Willie and Millie. I suppose while I was gone, they had their first baby pom pom, Lilly :)

So, this is a very doable craft process for your child. I want to do more of these with some of this MASSIVE COLLECTION of yarn I've amassed, and make little animals for Christmas.


  1. I am about to embark on a pom pom making frenzy. Have you seen the "new" pom pom chain scarves out there? Check the JC Penney site to see one. I'm also going to do some pom pom owls. I wish I had some littles do to these with me.


  2. Hi, Jody! I have not seen the scarves, but I'll need to look them, and suggest this to Julia. She needs a little fashion in her life :) I want to do lots of these pom pom animals around Christmas -- cats and mice, and I LOVE the idea of doing owls!! Thanks :)


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