Sunday, October 10, 2010

Members Only:

In the mail, I received a free 2-month membership to BJ's, one of those huge, members-only grocery stores. Just like Sam's Club. I don't have memberships at either one, so this was welcome. Adam & I knew of at least 2 things we needed there, that we couldn't get anywhere else, so we called it a date, and drove over.
The plastic wrap WITH THE ZIPPER is so wonderful! We were able to find a smaller version with the zipper, at grocery stores, for a while, but no more. I ADORE the zipper. No more mangling the wrap and trying to pull it apart. Ahhhh!

And yeast. I hate the little brown bottles, only slightly less than I hate the little packets. Packets! For someone who makes a lot of bread, packets are totally unacceptable, and WAY too expensive. The brown bottles are over $3 apiece. Now, look at those twin packed of vacuum-packed yeast -- just over $4 for one twin pack.

And we use a lot of flour. That King Arthur is a little less than WalMart's price.

A BJ's membership costs $45, and we will certainly not be getting one. It's too much of a drive, and most of the other items we looked at were simply twice as big, and more expensive by the ounce.

So, why do people pay $45 for more expensive shopping? What's the deal?

I'll tell you. It's the "members only" status. This is a place for the middle class, and the truly poor can't afford the fee. $45 is a chunk of change. That's my opinion, from one visit and limited thinking. I can think of SO many more fun ways to spend $45, than driving farther, (getting lost), walking around a BIGGER store, and paying more for larger items that I can barely store.

It made me miss Aldi.

So, bye-bye BJ's! I've got yeast to last me for over a year, so I don't need you anymore! But thanks for the free 2-month membership, and the date with my hubby :)

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  1. I sometimes wonder whether my memberships to BJs and Costco are worth it. The really cheap anti-bacterial wipes I buy from BJs pay for my membership there. We go through those like crazy -- I do have a slight aversion to germs and messes you know! :-)
    Costco -- we have that membership for the fruit and vegetables. They're so much cheaper than Publix. In the end, do we save a lot of money? Who knows.


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