Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Out of the Crocheting Doldrums

I want to get back to my crocheting. I made so many bags, but I wanted something new. Julia asked if I could crochet a slipper or a sock. Hmm. I like challenges and trying to create something from nothing -- ONLY when I crochet. So, I began...
That was the toe. Then, as I came up the foot, I decided upon a slipper that would have lacing in the middle, instead of a sock that would cover the top of the foot.
Very boxy toe, but then, I'm a beginner.
As I crochet, Anna concentrates on her knitting. I am a TERRIBLE knitter. Perhaps you can barely see the spark of a fire in the fireplace on the left? Adam made a fire this morning first thing, and made us pastry for breakfast. *Sigh*
This is what I've done thus far. It's ugly, but I made this first one with my ugliest yard, so it would be experimental, and I wouldn't be disappointed if it turned out badly. It fits Anna's foot. I need to do some ties, or lacing, or fasteners somehow across the top of the foot. And work on the fit around the ankle.
And, of course, I'll need to make a second one. Therein lies the rub. The first one is fun and creative. The second one is a chore, b/c I must make it to match -- it goes by a pattern. We should all be monopods :)


  1. are you on It's the Mecca for all crocheting/knitting kinds of stuff. And TONS of free patterns.

  2. Thanks, J!! I joined up, and am gonna get Anna to also. She ALWAYS has a multitude of projects going for quilting, embroidery & knitting. All I did so far was put my crochet hooks on a chart :)


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