Saturday, October 30, 2010

Feeling Very Fallish

Last night, we went to some friends' home for supper, and what should I see there?
This fabric pumpkin is much nicer and fancier than anything I would hope to make, but still, it inspired me to see that somebody else has thought (generally) the same thoughts. Isn't it cute?
My friend loves to decorate, and this is her Halloween mantle. I took this picture with a flash ...
... because this is what it looked like without it! Spoooooky!
Anna wanted to go on a walk in a local park, and it became a family affair. Such a perfect day, with cool air and fall leaves blowing all around us.
This was the most golden tree in the park.
Julia had to investigate this ruined fireplace. I much prefer tromping through leaves and underbrush, than trudging along a beaten path that hundreds of humans have walked today in their usual exercise. I miss beating my way through trees along ridge lines in the West Virginia mountains. Once you get to the ridge line, the walking is lovely!
Some trees are turning; others remain green.
We heard music and voices, and found this little group strumming away.
Tonight, Adam will make pizza in his oven again.  Last week he had great success, and feels he is mastering the problem of the oven door -- how to keep adequate temperature in the oven, when the temperatures themselves seem to destroy all doors.  His 4" solid oak door burnt up. Now he has some other metal thing rigged up.
I haven't turned on the house heat yet. I'm trying to wait as long as possible. We just got rid of those horribly high electric bills from the A/C in the summer, and I don't want their winter counterparts just yet!

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