Saturday, October 16, 2010

Help Wanted:

Calling all wool-felters! I need helpful ideas! (Especially you, Diber, since I know you do this kind of thing.)
Today at Salvation Army, I saw this sweater. I despise orange, although I might consider wearing a mottled, autumn orange like this. But this sweater has moth holes in it. I convinced the girl to sell it to for $1. Because I had a plan...
It's an X-large, so even though there are some pin holes in the front, the whole back panel is perfect. And I want to wash and/or dry it (it's 100% wool), turning it into felt, and make some fun, beautiful autumnal project with it!
Here are some felted wool pics I found on Google. A hat? I have the wrong shaped head for hats, but a felted one would probably conform nicely.
Oooh -- aren't these ADORABLE?! Felted acorns! Not very practical. Like I care. Hmm. I'll probably end up with lots of wool, and making a few of these might just happen. If I can send Julia on a hunt for some acorn caps.
Isn't this lovely? (I'm picturing it in orange....)
And this is cute too! There were TOO MANY cute ideas for projects online. Help me decide! Please leave a comment and tell me what project you'd recommend. I like working without patterns, being creative. I'd love to do something in a pumpkin shape. I sew and crochet, so I can combine those skills in the project too.
And if you've done felted wool, please tell me exactly how to do it, and about how much wool I'll end up with, after I do whatever I need to do to that sweater. As you can tell, I'm THOROUGHLY IGNORANT right now.



  1. alas, I'm not the resource you think I am. The couple times I've successfully felted, I've used super hot water--like hotter than the washing machine can get it. (trying boiling it) I've only tried it with 100% wool, though.

    I'm pretty sure those acorns you pictured were made by needle felting.

    So that at least might give you a term to look for.

    That hat, I'm pretty sure, was knit up first and then felted. Probably the blue purse, too.

    You could probably make some fun things with the wool you felt. It also might be bulkier than you anticipate.

    I would just keep googling around for methods.

    needle felting, felted soap, etc are some ideas that pop into my head.

    You may have to do this on your stove, though.

  2. one thing I plan on doing with some of our sweaters that need upcycling, is skip felting. Cut them into squares, and make cozy blankets backed with fleece.

    Just a thought.

  3. THANKS, J!! That is a big help. My other difficulty is that my washing machine has NO hot water! So I'll need to felt it by hand. Sigh. I want to cut it up and sew/crochet something. And I'll look around online like you said.

  4. A friend of mine who knits up a storm saw the lovely felted purses people were making, and she decided to skip the knitting step, and made purses for Christmas gifts by taking shrunken sweaters and cutting them into clutch-sized pieces of "felt," which she then sewed into the purses. I love the color of that sweater and will be very interested to see what you come up with!

  5. oh what a LOVELY sweater!! and the color is fab, I'm SERIOUS!! :) since it's orange (your VERY favorite color, hehe) and it's fall and you'll be in need of some decorative pumpkins, check out this link.

    also here are 100+ways to reuse your old sweaters, have fun! sweaters/ says you can make mitten projects out of felted sweaters as well


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