Friday, January 21, 2011

Blogasbord All-You-Can-Eat

Friends, I have so many tidbits for your online consumption today, you'll be stuffed before supper!

Kidnapped baby reunites with family after 23 years. A feel-good story if there ever were one.

Plumpy Nut -- ever heard of it? I'd never seen this 2008 CBS clip about a wonder food that is saving babies' lives from the brink of death by malnutrition.

Why the Tuscon shooter could get a gun, even though the military had rejected him for drugs. Washington Post.

West Virginia protests -- The EPA took back a permit from a coal company, for a project approved under Bush.  Workers in WVa are not happy about this job loss situation. I think we can all agree that Obama's personal preference would be for coal never to be yanked out of 'them thar hills' again. That's because he already has a job.

Chinese Mothering -- this debate has been flying around the blogosphere, and this is World Mag's word on this matter. Christians should take a position on this parenting debate that considers what godly parenting looks like.

Prosecutors getting some of their own -- To be honest, I'm so glad somebody is finally willing to admit 1) that our judicial branch is just as corrupt as the other two branches of gov't. I mean, why wouldn't it be? and 2) that many prosecutors are more interested in the easiest conviction, rather than the right conviction. I've seen this up close and personal, and it's an ugly thing.

Temp jobs -- the bane and blessing of this recession

College isn't what it used to be!  This won't surprise many of you. The stats are rather shocking about how little students are learning, and how much time they're spending playing.

Obama's birth records.  Can you believe this issue hasn't been laid to rest by EITHER side? I must say, I'm really surprised that nobody in Obama's family can dig back into a box in a closet somewhere and say, "Here it is! I knew it was here somewhere!"  This governor is only making things worse by admitting that, uh, we don't really have the documents in our hands.

Walmart? Healthy? A shocker, I know. I did notice a new line of WalMart goods on the shelves on Tuesday. It's called "World Table." I checked out the ingredient list on a bag of chips, and it looked better than your average Lays bag.

Hudson Taylor, quoted in The Rabbit Room. 10 or 15 years ago, I don't know that Taylor's words would have resonated with me, or even made much sense to me, more than just the usual spiritual babble.  But every word of his here rung in my heart with a echo of "Yes -- I understand exactly!"  How comforting to know this man of God has struggled just as I have. A good, brief read.

WARNING -- the reading below is hard to take. Abortion is a terrifying, bloody, disgusting thing. If you don't have the stomach to read what these tiny babies experience everyday, perhaps we should reconsider whether something we can't even stomach reading about, should be legal.

Finally, two articles on the horrific events in Philadelphia recently.  Abortion butcher Kermit Gosnell finally is getting payback for years of murder. World Magazine has an informative article on the consequences this man is facing at last.

If you can do any more, here's Michelle Malkin's take on the situation. Warning about photos on this link. She also embeds the entire 281-page grand jury report on Gosnell's butchery of women and children, at the end.

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