Thursday, January 6, 2011

Midnight Snacking on the Blogasbord

Hi, all you late-nighters. Uh, it is only 9:33 PM right now, so not exactly late yet. But for those of you looking for some evening nibbling, here are a few interesting reads I've found in recent days:

2010: The Year Technology Replaced Talking -- Adam found this article, worth reading especially if you're on the "older" side, as I am. I mean, I'm not one of the young techies who talk more via a Smart Phone than they do face to face.

Assyrian International News Agency had two articles recently about the late violence against Coptic Christians in Egypt. Here's the first article, in which the story of a Christian woman is told. The Muslims claim she converted to Islam, which claim is also refuted by the other side. Situations like these apparently give the Muslims their "cause" for attacking churches, demanding that these women converts be returned to the Muslim community. Here's the 2nd, more recent, article, describing the car bombing in front of a Coptic Orthodox Church, in which 21 people were killed, and 96 were injured. The reason for the bombing (and other attacks), is supposedly these contested women.

This next article from the New York Times opinion page is a heart-breaking account of how abortion is viewed in America. It's an honest account, and true, I think. No matter how much some Americans holler for "choice" and "reproductive rights," most Americans are very uncomfortable with abortion. We all know that it's a murder. It doesn't take any particular intelligence to know that what's in the womb is human, and very shortly will be a child, like any other child. The irony of how Americans long for babies, and murder babies, is shown here.

Also, I'll direct you to MommyLife, to an article which may offend some. She deals here with Gender Identity Disorder in young children. She actually writes little of this post; it's mostly a lengthy quote from a book that was referred to her. I'd never really thought much about this issue because it's not a problem we had with any of our children. But for some parents, and children, this is a truly painful and worrisome issue. This book seems to offer hope for those who long to address this issue constructively in very young children, in an attempt to reverse the disorder. Again, she's not addressing homosexuality in adults at all, only gender confusion in young children.

On a lighter note (phew!!), here's a wonderful new soap-making blog that Gretchen-Joanna directed me toward. Thank you, G-J! This woman is amazing. Talk about beautiful soaps!

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