Sunday, January 9, 2011

The New Look


I spend a while last night, looking for a blog background that would go well with the "starry sky" picture above.  It's Philip's picture, and he turned it into banner-size, before he left for college. I love the picture!!  But MAN, was it HARD, to find a background!

The Brown Background:  Julia liked this one.  I feel it is rather dark, but being a melancholy temperament, it appeals to me.  However, this morning, Adam said, "Well!  That's not very friendly!"  And Anna turned down her mouth in disapproval.  So, I guess it's back to the drawing board!

All that to say, I'll probably be messing with this design in the next day or two, until I find something. We're forecast for snow and ice, so I should have time to do it.

Any ideas?  What colors do you think would go well with a starry sky picture?

UPDATE:  Okay, now I've switched from the warm, dark brown with gold writing, to the blue.  Very blue, with blue writing. Hmm.  Anna likes it better, but she's not wild for it.

UPDATE:  Okay, I don't usually get TIRED of messing with my blog design, but I'm tired of it now! I bet I've tried over 50 backgrounds.  Now I've lit on this gray theme. To give my fingers a rest, I think I'll stick with it a while.  But it's rather boring, don't you think?


  1. It makes the stars more visible.

  2. I really think it is OK for winter. But I really liked the one you had a few days ago that had more red. It looked cheery, and that is nice for winter too! Where did you get the cherry blossom effect? I like that! Just keep it like this for a while, but I do vote for the one from a few days back! It was gorgeous. But the picture probably wasn't the same one. I liked it though. What did you have there before for a picture? Now I cannot remember. I wish I could have saved it. Did you? I was so impressed that I wanted my cousin to see it since he wants to have a blog site too.

  3. Thanks, friends!
    Mary, I get my blog backgrounds from "the cutest blog on the block" website. They're free, and they have hundreds to choose from, although I don't like most of them. I liked the one with the red berries too, but I had text/trim in red & green, and felt I needed to move on past Christmas. I'll probably use it again though. I think the picture I had up was the shot of shadows on my dining room wall, with the shadow of the chair too. My son Philip takes my photos, shapes them in his PhotoShop, and I use them for the banner. But he's busy, so I have only a handful to choose from. Wish I could do it myself :) I have a picture of frosted azaleas that I'm DYING to use, when he has time to fix it.

  4. I think this gray is nice, as it's still light enough. If the background is too dark, it's hard to read and sometimes I don't even try. I'm not talking about your blog; if it was too dark I didn't see that one.


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