Thursday, January 27, 2011

Late-Lunch Blogasbord

Hi, all you hungry readers!  Here's what I've reheated for you today!

Sleeping with your pet:  This article says this practice could be very unhealthy, even deadly! Who'd a thunk it?

Richard Dreyfuss, Educator:  Bet you didn't know that this actor is WAY into improving civics education in America.

Monitoring America, Big Brother Style: I don't know if this kind of thing interests you. We seem to be watched wherever we go. Maybe the fewer techy gizmos you have, the less you have to worry about it?

U.S. Missionary murdered in Northern Mexico: I'm grieved and appalled at what is happening to this neighboring country, where I went for five mission trips as a young person. Pray for missionaries there.

Disillusioned 20-somethings: I found this article a bit caustic, personally, but I do think he has a point about this young generation.

And lastly, Pro-Life News --

UnPlanned: I haven't read this book, and I wasn't sure how to take this article. I personally cannot fault the conservative church that refused Mrs. Johnson membership. Do I believe that many abortion workers are as clueless as she was, about what's going on under their noses? Hmm.

Chilling Statistic:  No matter where you stand on the abortion debate, New York City's statistic should appall and sadden you;  41% of pregnancies there, end in abortion.  Was it Bill Clinton who first said abortion should be rare?  We don't seem to be getting there, do we?

Abortion Whistleblower Awards:  Now here is a cool idea!! Cash awards are given to abortion clinic workers who will blow the whistle on their bosses, who are committing murder behind their office doors. One woman has already been given a $25,000 award, and thankfully, her boss is done with his work. May there be many more awards given!  Even pro-abortion folks can't complain that murderers of women and live-born infants, are being put behind bars.

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