Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ice and Steam

This morning I drove Anna to her first college class - algebra! (SO proud of her!) Anyway, these icy shrubs along a wooden wall were interesting.

Columns of ice.  I bet if I went back there now, they'd be all gone, melted away by this sunny day. Some beautiful things are so transient, so brief. It's good to do more than glance at them.  Stop. Take a picture. Examine. Enjoy.
Adam is making tamales again.  His mom had a tamale-making fiesta during Christmas, and I suppose he got inspired :) Tamales are cooked with steam. You can't see it, but the steam is rising from this pot.
He made this batch with beef instead of pork.  I'm looking forward to trying one! The delicious tamales won't disappear as fast as the steam does, but it might be close!

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