Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fanciful Times

Before we left Brevard today, my parents took us all out to eat lunch at a new place in town, "Mayberry's."  Yep -- that "Mayberry's" -- as in, Andy and Barney and Opie and Aint Bee. (Yes, I misspelled that on purpose, because how else would anyone pronounce her name?)

This is an adorable restaurant, and the couple who own and run it have put a lot of work into it.  They stripped the floor back to its wood, and raised the ceiling up to its metal. Beautiful! They placed period advertising on the walls.  And the food - lovely!  I had a Ginger Chicken sandwich and their Cheesy Potato Soup.  The ginger was fabulous.  They have interesting sandwiches that aren't so high-brow that you're scared of them, or so common that you feel you could make it as well at home.
I'd definitely recommend "Mayberry's."  Oh, and the name?  When the owner couple were dating, they always felt that Brevard had the same personality as the fictional town of the TV show. It was the perfect name for their joint venture.
Brevard has the world's best resale shops.  Maybe it's because there are so many wealthy people there, and they give away lots of lovely clothes, but we always find great deals there. SAFE Attic, St. Philip's ("upscale resale"!) and even Goodwill -- all good. They also have a Humane Society store and a Habibat store.  So many!

We dropped in at St. Philip's, definitely the most elegant of the stores.  And we found this gorgeous treasure!  A doll's house! All hand-made. Five stories, including the attic! Here's the front:
It looks like a home in Amsterdam, with the upper floors jutting out.
Here's the inside:
Wonderful furniture.  I should have taken some up-close shots of the chandeliers.  And the windows in this doll's house are especially nice -- lots of light.  It makes it all the more cheerful.

And instead of stairs, an elevator!  How creative!
Julia looked longingly at it, but the cost? $300.  WAY out of our price range, but I was happy to know that the fanciful play of a doll's house was still very appealing to her.  Actually, I think it's also still appealing to me.  I'd love to spend an hour or two arranging and rearranging that furniture.

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