Sunday, January 2, 2011

Unto the Hills

Tomorrow morning I'm going to visit my parents, with some of the kids. We usually do this on Christmas Day, and stay for a few days, but it didn't work out this year, so now it's a New Year's visit, which is great too!  I may or may not be able to post any entries while I'm there, so if I'm absent, you'll know why.  But hopefully I'll bring back some great pics of the mountains. Philip is supposed to do some computer work with my dad while we're there, but otherwise, we'll be relaxing, eating my mother's wonderful cooking, watching a few movies, and reading.

Speaking of reading, I'm still reading Dr. Thorne, by Trollope. I'm finally to the good part -- when the romance of the novel takes off. Yippee!  I'm all for romance.

Here's a book I haven't read for many years, and I might tackle again soon:

It's a fascinating account of Russia's turbulent past.

I bought some books for myself LAST Christmas (i.e., Christmas of 2009), which I never read.  I'm ashamed to say it. I just never got around to them.  So, this year I decided to buy the 3 Trollope novels I didn't have, just to be safe.  I can be sure I love them.

See you soon!

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