Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Blogasbord Leftovers

I've got a pile of interesting reads for you today, and I MUST get them off my refrigerator shelves!  So, here goes:

This Fox News article explores the idea that babies born too soon after a previous birth are more likely to have autism and other developmental problems. I found this interesting because my second child, Anna, was born only 16 months after my first child, Philip.  Anna has always had developmental delays (although she has done great in school, and is a hard worker). They recommend a two-year gap between births.

World Magazine's article on the decline of Detroit is sad to read, but important for all of us to remember as we live in our communities.

Amy Chua's WSJ article on Chinese mothering has been making the rounds on the blogasboard. Belly up to her intriguing and slightly disturbing descriptions of how and why Chinese moms brow-beat their children.

I haven't had time to read completely this response to Ms. Chua's article, but one Westerner decided to take her to task.

Speaking of devoted motherhood, here's a compelling account of one mother who shielded her daughter's body from the bullets of the crazed Tuscon shooter.  Mothering instincts are astounding, are they not?

I've been following the whole Tuscon debacle a bit.  So much ridiculous media trash-talk filled the air that I felt I was in a locker room, pre-game.  However, here's a more sensible analysis by David Brooks, easy to read, well-written.

George Will's piece, evaluating the media and their behavior concerning this event, is a little tougher read, but worth it. I do believe the media just shows its own psychological illness, when it responds so hatefully, while simultaneously trying to condemn hate.

Lastly, I found Graceful's most recent post quite interesting, as she addresses whether we should tell the truth to our children in difficult situations (particularly involving death), or shield them from it with half-truths. Generally, I tend to disagree with her practice, although I know I may be out of the norm. A blog post on this topic may be forthcoming.

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