Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Goodwill Find

Anna and I dropped in at Goodwill while we were out today.  Look what we found! I got this for her to take to college in the fall.  It's a little hot-pot; it holds 2 cups.  I plugged it in, just to check, and it heats up very quickly. From the packaging, I think it was brand new.
Look at all the stuff that nests inside! Two cups, a tea filter, a coffee filter, a sugar or cream container with spoon, and I'm not sure what the last container is for. I think this thing was made in either Japan or Sweden.  It is engineered.
Here are the two filters.  Classy, eh?
See how it all fits inside? She was very happy with this find. You just never know what you'll discover at the resale shops.  This cost $4, a good deal, says I.

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