Saturday, January 22, 2011

Redeeming the Time

Redeem:  v., to buy back, to make up for, to rescue, save.

Scripture tells us we should be “redeeming the time, for the days are evil.”  Our days certainly are evil; just read the news! Sometimes I think life is brimming over with evil, illness, death, injustice, malice, and sadness. God looks down on our planet and sees all this too.

And He says, “Redeem it!’  Make up for the evil, rescue and save the times that seem so evil.  Use them for good instead.

Have you ever thought of the good things we can do on this fallen world, that we won’t be able to do in heaven? Good things that we do, because we’re surrounded by sin?

Our few days on this world are our last opportunity to:  forgive, have compassion, overlook offenses, compensate for injustice, strive for righteousness, be humbled by our sin, be cared for in illness, miss those who have died, love in spite of ugliness, tend to the elderly.

I could go on and on. We will do none of these things in heaven.

When we do these things, however, we invest in heaven; we make spiritual currency. Particularly in relationships, I can’t help but think that we nurture relationships with each other on this evil world, in this evil time, in ways that we won’t be able to do in the next life.

The kindnesses we do, because the world is evil, are opportunities we have for a very short time.  Make the most of it.


  1. I was just reading some verses that coincide with what you have written. Hebrews 12:22 through 13:21. It's about grace, and seeking the kingdom, helping others, remembering those in bondage, being content, praising God, doing good, obeying, praying, and being perfect and wellpleasing to God through Jesus Christ: to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen. He makes us perfect in every good work to do His will. He works in us what is wellpleasing in His sight. All through Jesus who deserves the glory! The God of peace does this for us, and we have received His kingdom and and His grace to serve Him acceptably! Glory!

  2. I agree, MK. Tiny moments of obedience when we smile, love, pay attention to other peoples' hurt and pain, that's when we really live. I do get sad when I get glimpses of my students' every day home lives. I hope my kindness gives them a taste of heaven. Thank you for your book suggestions! I'll find a Fair Acre Miss Read book asap!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Thanks for those verses, Mary. PomPom, teaching sure is a way to be a witness of God's goodness, isn't it?

  4. MK, this is an incredibly convicting post. I moaned and groaned about delivering Meals on Wheels today (which I only do one Saturday every 6 weeks), but now, after reading this, I feel good about it (and a wee bit guilty about the complaining, too!).

  5. Good post! I want to make my days count like that! Thank you.



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