Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flower Pigment Stamping

Earlier this week we did something a little fun for science class. A friend gave Julia some instructions for stamping flowers, so we gave it a try. Right now, there are few bright flowers out there. We found a pansy. Julia taped it, face-down on a piece of paper to keep it spread out.
We covered the flower with paper towel. If you get good at this, and want a more permanent impression on a piece of cloth, you could place white cloth (a hanky or a pillow case) on it, instead of the towel. Then you should "pound" it gently with a hammer. This mallet is what we found. With the first flower, Julia pounded way too vigorously, and smashed the poor thing to bits. So, just tap firmly until you get good at it.
The image is fuzzy, but this is the first result we got. When we have many more blooming flowers, we'll give it another try. We're house-sitting again this week, so I don't have my mother's daffodils nearby. Still, the colors are pretty!
We're studying flowers now, so this was a good little addition to our schooling. Julia has a small booklet where we put some of her artwork.
Some earlier work:
On this page we're putting some of her flower diagrams, and the pigment stamp.
The doves love to sit and coo in the branches outside, waiting for their bird food on the deck railing. They're fun to watch.

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