Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Crocheted Headband

I made a headband. I've been meaning to do this for over a week, using the same "grit stitch" as I use in my wash clothes, and the same cotton yarn.
It turned out very well -- exactly what I wanted. I dislike headbands that slide back on my head and finally fall off. Or ones that are too loose. Or hard plastic ones that hurt behind the ears.
I wore this one all day and it stayed in place, and kept my hair out of my face, even on a bike ride.
It's a pretty brown contrast with my hair.
Here's the stitch detail. I knew it would simple and elegant for this project. This is a color that might not sell well in a wash cloth, but is perfect for a hair accessory.
The crocheted part goes most of the way around the head, and then I attached an elastic band that goes around the base of the head. I wrapped it in yarn too, using a crochet slip stitch.
It's firmly attached and gives just the right among of snugness. Perfect! No more paying a fortune for bad headbands from the store! I want to make several of these to wear.


  1. It's very snazzy and practical, too. You are a great crocheter, MK! Smart!
    I know your soaps and cloths would sell very well at our farmers markets.
    You haven't said much about your house there in Oriental. How do you feel about it? Is it a homey spot for you guys?

  2. Hi Pom -
    Our home is a duplex, and it's perfectly adequate for us right now. We don't need nearly as much space as we used to, with 3 of the kids gone. But I wouldn't call it "homey" exactly. It has very little yard, but I like having a garage to store things in. It's nice just to have our own spot again :)


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