Thursday, July 19, 2012

First Honey

Adam tended to beehives this afternoon and came home with some honey. He brought home a whole frame, part of which he'd given to the folks who are letting the hives stay on their property.
It's luscious, isn't it? Each little cell chock full of perfect, rich, healthy honey. From our own bees! That still amazes me.
Adam cut the comb out of the frame with a sharp knife and let it fall into a bowl.

Then we just dug out spoonfuls of comb-and-honey, and put it all straight in our mouths. I love the way the spoon just cuts easily into the comb, like cutting butter. Then it seems to melt in your mouth. Yummmm. And the comb chews in the mouth like ... gum, kind of. Or remember those wax bottle candies when we were kids? More like a delicate version of that.
This honey is dark, rich, and has just a little "spice" to it, afterward. Makes me wonder what in the world those bees have been eating :)
If this is what my summer and fall are going to be like, I'm a happy woman!
And much thanks to my dear husband, whose hard work and hours with heat, sweat, and bee stings, gives us all this sweet gift.


  1. Yummy! Now what could I put honey on right now? I love your bees! They have been such good workers!

  2. Honey! Looks like beautiful stuff. I need to check my hive - I just have one, as i learn beekeeping. How long have you folks had bees? Will you have enough to sell at the farm market?

  3. Sarah, my husband has been keeping bees for 3 years now. He's never yet had a hive survive over the winter, but that is for various reasons, and hopefully this winter will be a good one. The bees are doing so well. He has chosen to take honey this summer/fall, instead of splitting the hives. I'll be selling it at the market, yes. Can't wait! I've already had people ask about it.


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