Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Tasha is my mother's dog. We are all very sad that she died a few days ago. She was about 14 years old.
Tasha has been a part of our family for a long time. She was and is dearly loved. She was an affectionate, intelligent, opinionated dog. My mother loves her as much as a person can love an animal -- that is to say, a lot.
Even Christians often say that animals don't have souls, and when they die, they just cease to exist. But in Genesis, the term that is translated "a living soul" for Adam, is the same word "soul" that is often used for animals as well. The Hebrew word is "nephesh." It is often translated "soul," but also means "life." But the word is the same, and is used for both humans and animals.
So if you grieve for your pet, find some comfort in this: In the book of Scripture that speaks of the creation of both humans and animals, one word is used for both, in describing that fundamental quality that makes them alive -- the soul that lasts forever. I don't know exactly what that means, or the ramifications of it. But for those who state flatly that animals are annihilated at death, I think Scripture says otherwise. Look into it if you like. One thing is certain: on God's New Earth, animals of all sorts will be there, unfallen and part of God's kingdom. It seems to me the ultimate display of hubris for humans to state that they will have a chance to be reborn then, but assume that animals will not. Why do we assume that?
As for Tasha? I fully expect to see her again, and she will be a perfect dog, and I'll be a perfect human. What fun we will have!


  1. What a good girl Tasha was! I'll say a prayer for your mama and your family, too. It's hard.

  2. Aw, she looked like a sweetie. Was she a corgi? Joni Earickson Tada (sp?) wrote about Heaven having a lot of things we enjoy - things like pets or people outside throwing around a football!

  3. Aw, that's so sad! She was so sweet - I feel so badly for your parents.

  4. I find it interesting that the human (even the Christian human) tendency is to imagine Heaven as less, and not more. All creation will be redeemed. Why does the Scripture say that our Father knows when every sparrow falls? Even though I don't know the particulars, I too believe that animals will be in heaven. Just like I believe we will all have a great time visiting one another when we get there:)

  5. It's always been my firmly held belief His beloved creatures that have gone on before will greet me when I get to heaven. God loves His creation, all of it, enough for us to spend eternity with Him...whosoever believes.
    A child once asked me, "Will my dog be with me in heaven?" I told her, "Absolutely!" She said, "Miss P. said animals don't go to heaven." I told the child, "Miss P. doesn't have enough faith and she won't recognize her animals but they will be there." The child and I separated happily and at peace.
    Please give your Mother my condolences. I love my animals a lot more than I love some people.


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