Monday, July 2, 2012


Pom Pom wrote a lovely post this morning; she's in her summer mood :)Among other interesting things, she talked about how Jesus prepared a picnic for 5000 people -- a miraculous picnic. The food was plentiful, but it was His words that truly fed them, nourished them. Have you ever thought of Jesus as someone who prepares things for those He loves?
Pom Pom also mentioned Edith Schaeffer's book, Hidden Art, which my mother loves and which I've never read, I'm sorry to say. I need to. Edith kept a home, nourished others, fed homeless men with meals she hoped would strengthen their souls as well as their bodies.
Have we women lost the art of preparation? It is a most spiritual gift. Women have done it for centuries, and I'm just a little afraid we are losing our appreciation for it.
Adam, my husband, loves to cook. He appreciates having "eaters," people who will consume and appreciate his food. He loves to prepare for others. I see his love of cooking for others, and his love of preparing sermons (spiritual food) for others, as much the same love. It comes from the same root in the man. It's a love of nourishing others, caring for them.
There's a joy in preparing a room for a coming guest -- clean sheets, dusted furniture, an empty space in the closet or drawer, maybe a chocolate on the pillow?
Even laying out clean, folded towels for a guest is a joy.
Every other human is a guest in our lives, if we could just remember it. Jesus says to His friends, "I go to prepare a place for you ... in my Father's house are many rooms." Is it a wonder to you, to think of Jesus, right now, preparing a place just for you in His heavenly home? Let's look for opportunities to prepare joy and welcome for others.


  1. Hi MK! Oh, thank you for mentioning my post (so affirming!) I love your thoughts. I bet people LOVE to eat at your house! You guys do it up big and fine, I can tell!
    I must admit that sometimes my moods don't lead to big swoop housecleaning and I wish they did! When I get going, I find myself such a good worker bee! Often I need "company coming" to kick me into high gear!

  2. A very good word, M.K. I would love to come and visit you -- or think about this: you folks come here some time and I'll prepare a place for you, o.k.?

  3. You're welcome, Pom :) Don't worry about the dust and a little dirt. I think you're welcoming people into your love and care, more than you're welcoming them into your carpets and furniture, you know.
    GJ, oh, how I wish!! Wouldn't it be nice to sit and chat for a day? I think we'd have many topics to enjoy. Even though I imagine I'll never make it as far west as your home, just having you say that invitation warms my heart. It is comforting just to think of someone making a place for you, isn't it?


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