Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Birthday Girl

Julia enjoyed her birthday. She asked for an ice cream cake again. This is made in a casserole, with layers of chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream, and homemade chocolate sauce. It was excellent.
A wish and a blow!
We also went to eat at Little Italy's. I found my camera too late to capture the massive pizzas we ordered, but here's Julia, posing in front of their pretend juke box, holding her golf ball and club. The restaurant has a small putt-putt golf course out front.
Julia and Jordan goofing off, as only this age child can do!


  1. Oh yes! Happy birthday to Julia! The cake sounds delicious!

  2. Happy Birthday, Julia! Are her red shoes Tom's brand? I've heard they are the most comfortable! So cute!

  3. Happy Birthday to Julia and Happy Birth-day to you too, Mom.

  4. Thanks, ladies :) No, they're not Tom's. They're Dollar General - haha!! But still cute. It was a great birthday.

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday to Julia! May she become a woman after God's own heart!


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