Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Family Picture

Just a nice picture for you to see. This is my brother Mark, his wife Faith, my parents, and the seven children.
This is the kind of picture that is so fun to see in years to come. The children will have grown up. The grandparents may be gone. We'll notice the picture of Tasha, behind my mother, and remember that this picture was taken just when she was dying. My mother's Villeroy and Boch china sits in the corner hutch.

Mark and Faith chose wonderful and interesting names for their kids: Patience, Mercy, Grace, Liberty, Justice, Honor, Courage. Those are challenging names to live up to, not just for the children -- their names are a daily reminder to all of us to make these virtues part of who we are. Beautiful children, aren't they?


  1. Beautiful family photo. I'll bet they are fun to go visiting!

  2. Have you ever read the fun family book, "The Relatives Came," Jody? haha :) Our extended family is a little bit like that.

  3. It is a beautiful family and love the names of the children.


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