Monday, July 23, 2012

Crocheting in July

Someone asked recently what I've been crocheting. I haven't really shown you lately, have I? Here goes ....
I finished the yellow prayer shawl, at last. The pattern is lovely. I still need to put tassels on the bottom edge.
I was weary of this pattern toward the end, but the finished effect is so nice.
Next prayer shawl! I chose a very different yarn -- warm and autumnal.
I wanted to try the "wave pattern" (my name for it). This is knitting, so it's slow for me. I'm such a mediocre knitter. And I knit continental method, instead of regular. And I loop my yarn around the wrong way on both my knit and purl stitches! I had to correct that this past week, because it simply wasn't working with the yarn-over stitch. Sigh.
I've been selling washcloths steadily. Here are the ones I have left.
The blue is the running favorite with customers. I like the edging I've been adding.
(Dark photo - sorry) These are 3 hairbands. I've sold a few of these.
This is just a braided band, using chunky felted yarn.
This is the light brown. It looks a little green here, but it's not.
Now ... I must show you this bizarre creature. A friend pinned this over on Pinterest. It's called the "crocodile pattern." It's a crochet pattern of overlapping round "scales." It's a very complicated pattern to do, probably the hardest crochet I've ever done. I only completed four rows. My brain hurt :)
Here's a link to the site with the pattern instructions. The crocheter there is a genius, I must say! But I did have difficulty following her tutorial videos. It might just have been due to the challenging nature of this pattern though. Or my dull mind!
I need to do this pattern in a solid color, so you can see the layers of scales better. Also, it is too thick to be used to make a scarf or a shawl. But it would work well as the front flap of a small clutch purse, or a cute little purse on a long strap. I may use it for that purpose, and if I finish that project, I'll show you how it turns out.


  1. I am always so impressed with you crochet-girls. Pretty, pretty prayer shawl. The crocodile scale crochet is very nifty. How will you use it?

  2. I decided to try to knit socks this summer. Oh my. Third attempt and going to bed- I hurt too!

  3. Hey Jody -- I'm not quite sure what to do with the crocodile thing. It's so thick! Julia likes it though, so I need to figure out its usefulness :)
    Mags, you crack me up :) When we start to hurt from our handwork, it's time for a break, right? haha :)


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