Monday, July 16, 2012

The Feta Dip

This is a great recipe! I found it on Pinterest. We did add a couple of excellent twists to it, but essentially this is the simple goodness of exceptional ingredients and good flavors.
This is what it looks like. It's basically a snack/appetizer kind of dish, but I'm eating is for supper tonight!
First extra twist: the olive oil. A few days ago, Adam took some olive oil, chopped garlic into it, put it into the oven for a few hours on 200ยบ in a cast iron pan, and let magic occur. This is a garlic infusion. A very useful thing to keep in your kitchen.
Second extra twist: our own bread. Instead of buying a baguette at the store, Adam made this one, and of course that makes the flavor twice as good. At least. But if you don't bake much, go ahead and get it at the store. It'll still be very good.
Okay, here goes: pour a pool of olive oil in the bottom of a dish. Be generous. An oval serving platter is perfect and pretty. I added about 3 tablespoons of the garlic infusion oil too.
Then chop fresh tomatoes and green onions, and put them into the oil. I sprinkled some sea salt on top.
Oh, Third extra twist: I put the platter into the still-warm oven at this point. I didn't want the oil to get hot, nor the tomatoes to cook. I just wanted it warm.
Remove from oven, and add some feta cheese crumbled on top. Use regular feta, not some fancy flavored thing.
And that's it!! Slice your baguette into thin pieces, load one up with the oil and other goodness, close your eyes and enter heaven's own kitchen.
Adam took one bite -- one bite! -- of this dish, and he gave it his highest compliment, the one he reserves for only the very best dishes. "This will be served in my restaurant someday," he says, when he discovers something he loves instantly. True, true. This one's a keeper. Easy, quick, fabulously delicious. I would even call this "romantic food." Enjoy!!

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  1. Oh, my mouth is watering! The bread looks perfect for the oily dip! Adam is a such a fine cook, isn't he?
    Let's see what you are crocheting, can we?
    I'm off to the grocery store and I waited so long, it's raining. I'd rather just have what YOU guys are having for dinner, I think!


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