Friday, July 27, 2012

Julia's New Stuff

Julia decided to go shopping with her birthday money -- a sure sign of teenagehood coming on! She wishes to thank her grandparents' for the birthday money they sent, so that she could buy new items for her room - THANK YOU!!!
She bought a new comforter. Her old bed was a twin, and this is Anna's old bed, a full size. So she needed a comforter that would cover it. I like the floral pattern. She also bought two pillow cases (leopard zebra print) and the fuzzy blanket in the same pattern you see at the foot of the bed.
She bought the fuzzy purple pillow. She claims that purple is still the dominant color theme, but there's less of it than there used to be! She keeps these four friend on her bed: Mama Cawcaw, Mrs. Murphy, Maggie, and Lullaby.
The comforter pattern and the leopard zebra print:   (heehee -- I got corrected on my exotic animal prints!)
She said she was in desperate need of a clock in her room. I agreed. Now she can't tell herself she's only been reading for 10 minutes, when it's actually been 45 minutes.
And a bedside lamp for reading. It's really all about the reading :)
Thanks again, grandparents! She loves her room!

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  1. Julia is a decorator! I love her new set up! Animal prints are spunky!


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