Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth!

On my bike ride yesterday, I spotted some folks preparing for the July 4th holiday.
See this cheerful fellow? He's in front of a flag pole, proudly waving Old Glory overhead.
Down at the town marina, several boats were displaying colors.
Our marina is beautiful, with the bridge arching behind it.

Here's one flag, whipping in the Pamlico breeze.
Very little boat for quite a bit of mast.
Water currents make even the simplest lines seem complex.
Before I moved here, I didn't realize how much I missed pecan trees. We had them everywhere in Mississippi, and they are plentiful here too.
I was at a loss as to what this building was, for several weeks. A martial arts center? Closed down hardware store run by a Chinese man? Look at the lettering. It stands for "Oriental Yacht Club." Yep -- this is the landside of the yacht club building!
The water side of the building is apparently much larger and more impressive. Perhaps it's past its heyday. There are many other yacht clubs in town these days.
Happy Fourth! We're not doing much different today, because the town's celebrations are this weekend, during the Croakerfest activities. More about that, later! Fireworks over the river are also on Saturday! That'll be fun :)


  1. Pretty marina with flags hoisted! Happy Independence Day!

  2. Your new town is so cool! I love the photos!


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