Sunday, July 29, 2012

Such Endless Sky

We went to some friends' house for dinner. On the drive home, Julia noted these brilliant clouds with an outline of sun. When the golden orb dropped under them, grazing the treetops, I stopped the car and took a picture.

I love the sky here. Last night we were right on the bank of the Neuse River with other friends. Spattering rain began, and we went inside to eat. I sat by the window, and during our conversations I kept glancing over, out the window at the river. It's six miles across the water, and the wind made the water choppy. A thin line of bright sky separated the far line of trees on the other side of the river from the clouds above. The clouds darkened, and then from the south a grayness spread quickly through that bright sky, gradually obscuring everything. In a few moments we could only see the closest water, and it was driven along in circles, as if a helicopter were hovering just over the sand. At last the storm passed. Then someone said, "Look at that end of a rainbow!" We all walked outside to the little boardwalk out to the river. As we stood there, the rainbow grew, as they do. First it was just the two ends near the earth -- extremely vivid colors. As we watched, the arch spread up and then at last it shone out in its entirety, and a faint second bow appeared outside it. The first bow grew brighter. At one point, after gazing at its brilliant base, I closed my eyes, and when I reopened them and looked at the sky, my eyes produced a faint copy of the bow, as if it had burned itself into my vision with its intensity.

The most glorious rainbow I've ever seen spanned across the river. I'll never forget it. The glory of the Lord.

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  1. There is a quote about the sky being the poor man's bread. Almost everyone has a sky to look at, even if it is only a small patch. Sometimes the bread is plain but nourishing, and sometimes it's a most exotic feast! Your photo here is just so striking.


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