Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Julia and I went for a bike ride this evening (which ride was a fiasco. But I digress.) I always take along my camera. So I said to Julia, "Hey. Let's do a little photo shoot of you. You don't even have to look at me." (You never know when a kid might say yes.) It's a testament to her maturing that she no longer screams and runs, when I pull out the camera.
She has some great features. She'll be 13 very soon.
The bike situation -- my bike's seat broke, so she rode it home, since she can stand up and ride, and I rode her bike home, which nearly killed me!
Sitting by the town dinghy dock
I think she's getting the coastal look down pat, don't you?
This is the classic Julia look. Inquisitive, smart, hesitant, independent.
On the way home, we happened upon this cool car, with the owner standing beside it. They only bought it yesterday. I forgot to ask the year.
She let Julia sit inside.
Oriental -- a town of constant everyday wonders.  Here's another "dragon egg."

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