Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bee Update

Just wanted to let you all know that Adam went to check on his beehives yesterday, and they are doing extremely well. He is so pleased! When we first thought we might move here, he examined the area and determined that he did not think bees would thrive here. The county has lots of salt and brackish water, and is full mainly of pine forests. Not the best environment for bees.
But we brought them anyway, and how wrong we were! I'm not sure what all is blooming in those woods out there, but the bees are loving it, the hive boxes are getting heavy, and the beekeeper is happy. He removed just a single frame about a month ago to get a taste of the honey. Next week, he'll pull off an entire box -- eight frames! I'm totally out of beeswax for my bee cream, so I'm pleased. Plus we'll get lots of luscious honey. Can't wait!


  1. Hooray for the busy bees! More honey photos, please!

  2. This makes me so glad. For years I've been concerned about the "bee problem," and just last week I heard that there is a shortage of beeswax on the market, which will increase the cost of our church candles. I had thought that bees were doing better nowadays -- but maybe that was only because I have a lot of honeybees in my yard this year.
    At least your hives are happy!

  3. Great news, MK! My brother's bees were rolled by a bear...this isn't the first time either. He does get lovely honey it!

  4. Honey photos coming up this week (hopefully), Pom! YUM :) Gretchen, there is a serious bee problem but mostly with the big producers who haul literally millions of bees around the country each year. Most private beekeepers are more careful with their bees. But the chemicals are a serious issue. I'm glad our bees are healthy. Sandra -- we've wondered about bears here! Adam had a bear fence in the mtns., but we haven't put it up here ... yet.


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