Monday, September 10, 2012

Marsha's Cottage in Oriental

I took a solitary bike ride this weekend and rode, as I often do, by Marsha's Cottage, a darling little boutique down by the town harbor.
Marsha's Cottage is housed in a snug little bungalow. What drew me to the shop immediately was their choice of billowing white curtains along their front porch. Doesn't that just say whimsy and charm? I always love to see these little "sails" filling with breezes from the river.
It's a ladies' boutique -- small, cozy, friendly, elegant but not pretentious. They sell clothes that a salt-sticky woman right off a sailboat would feel comfortable in, if she needed something to wear to a restaurant, and was tired of her boat clothes. I found their clothes perfect for my nearly-50 sense of style (such as it is - ha!).
Christmas tapers in the windows. Soft lamplight on little tables. Soft white blouses, soft billowing skirts, simple sandals, light jewelry with a nautical feel. Comfortable clothing for women who are past the busy, hectic time of life, and ready to close their eyes in the sun.
Yes, that's my bike :) Marsha's Cottage is a lovely local spot.


  1. A refreshing post! I'd love to browse in that pretty little boutique!

  2. I like your bike! Why don't you put a playing card in the spokes (attached with a clothes pin!) Just for fun! The cottage/dress shop looks like a wonderful place to shop. I do like those billowing white curtains, too.
    Happy day, good MK. Praying for you tonight as you teach! (BIG REASSURING HUG!)

  3. Yes, cool bike...and cute cottage, but I like the bike!

    Btw, just noticed the background of your blog...the part where you write is honeycomb. How appropriate! :)


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