Sunday, September 30, 2012


I had a grand day at the market yesterday. For the first time, I took lots of my hand crocheted items -- things designed more for autumn. It's not really cold yet here ... not even chilly, really. But everybody's hoping! I was thrilled when this large shawl sold. A lady bought it for her mother and said she knew she would love it. Yay!
She also bought these smittens for her daughter, I believe.
These smittens were the first ones to sell, several weeks ago.
The light shrug down below almost sold -- the lady was going to buy it as a birthday gift for a friend, and then someone said, "Didn't she say not to bring presents?" Oh well, I'm not worried. It's very cute and I know it'll sell quickly. The black/red scarf on the right over there also sold. It's so lovely; I have yarn enough to make one or two more exactly like that. I made these two, plus the large shawl, back in the summer. (Sorry my photos are being ill-behaved today.)
A lady came by and liked these multi-blue smittens. She wanted a scarf too, so I made one yesterday, and I'll call her to let her know they're done.
I like the frilly edge.
She also wants these gray/brown smittens -- so fuzzy and fun!
Here's a close-up of them.
Needless to say, I'm having loads of fun making all these things and knowing they are going to good homes -- plus I'm making money! Very rewarding.
UPDATE: The lady came by, bought all that she'd planned on, plus my lovely pair of red smittens. I was secretly hoping that nobody would buy them, and I'd end up with them myself :) Now I'm down to only one pair of smittens! Gotta get to work.


  1. And I love the pink packground! Is it fabric, or indeed is it you?!

  2. Haha!! -- no, Mags, that's just a throw that I put down to take the photos as a background, on my patio table.

  3. What a wonderful day for you...such fun! Congratulations. :)

  4. MK, the black and red shrug reminds me of a mantilla...would be wonderful to wear when visiting cathedrals in Europe.


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