Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Those Cute Little Potatoes

Our new shopping/cooking regimen is working very well. Adam's becoming adept at cooking just the right amount -- no overeating and no leftovers. The other day at the little grocery, he spotted these fun potatoes. Lots of neat colors and and some so small they are bite-size!
Then some friends gave us a bag of shallots (also above). We found the meat on sale. So Adam made this meal for us:
He prepped a sauce with red wine and red wine vinegar. The potatoes he prepared in an amazing way. You all need to tune in, and make your potatoes this way in future!! Okay, he steamed them first whole, in a double boiler with the steamer insert, but any steaming arrangement you have would work. This preserves the flavor of the potatoes, whereas when you boil them, you lose lots of their flavor in the water that you throw out. When the steaming made them fork-tender, he then cut and roasted them on a pan in the oven to get the outside skin a little crispy and tight. The end result is a perfect, delightful potato! The shallots were sauteed in the sauce and are on top of the steak.
The entire meal cost a total of $2.30 for all of us. I kid you not. It helps to buy items on sale, each day. It's time-consuming to go to the store that often (although the total time at the store is probably about the same as when we did one weekly, big run). But when you're rather poor, you have lots of time and not much money, so it works out perfectly! And we're still eating much better than most Americans. We're not rushing around town in the van, eating junk food in the back seat and not around the table together. I'm so glad!
Okay, here's the scene from the farmer's market, 7:30 AM. These are a few of Mr. Bob's faithful customers. Mr. Bob is the egg man -- he sells his own pastured eggs. The Pastured Egg Faithful are a very devoted group. Mr. Bob wasn't able to come to the market that morning, and they were all disappointed!
We know how we ought to eat, don't we? Real food, not junk. Fresh food, not processed and preserved. Delicious food, not insipid or chemically. Can you eat better food this week?

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  1. Well, I'm certainly trying to eat more healthfully; menu planning goes a long way toward that end. I like buying fresh, daily, but it's not cost effective around here. I have to cross 2 mountains and drive 25 minutes to get to the grocery. It's easier to fill my freezer with what's on sale and then, PLAN CAREFULLY!
    I'm shouting at myself -LOL-.


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