Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some Beauty in Oriental

Hints -- just hints -- of autumn are along the N.C. coast. Our trees are not turning here. Many of our trees won't turn. The magnolias, live oaks, and pines will be green all winter. For those of you unfamiliar with Southern magnolias, here's the seed pod from a magnolia tree. Aren't they interesting? Such bright red!

The magnolia is a very large tree. See the seeds up there? Later I'll have to share a picture of a whole, full-grown magnolia with a skirt that rests on the grass. Very impressive.
Numerous rose bushes are still blooming in town. This one is particularly pleasing.
Yesterday, when I rode my bike to the river, it was shimmering with diamonds. I thought, it's just as if God were sprinkling diamonds out of heaven onto the water. As they fall, rest on the surface for a second, and then drop beneath, He is constantly dropping new ones. So they twinkle away.
An artist came out and painted some of Oriental's beauty.
And speaking of artists, here is what Julia painted yesterday in her art workshop. The photo is a bit dark. Maybe I can get another one. This is in acrylic, on a palette, using a palette knife. She really enjoyed doing it.
This one she didn't like as much.
Julia continues work on her puzzle.
Adam and I found a persimmon tree. Persimmon jelly, anyone? I probably won't tackle that, this year.
Sunset across the bridge. It was a day of loveliness.

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