Monday, September 17, 2012

The Big Tree

There's a great, spreading tree in Oriental. It looks more like three trees, which I suppose it is. But I imagine it's all one root system. It takes up the space in a triangle of grass where two roads meet.
Can you imagine a treehouse platform wedged in among the three trunks?
It's a live oak tree, so common in the Deep South. It's branches lean way out over the grass.

Adam, looking cool on a bike :)
Down by the river, the clouds were pink. The setting sun on the other side of the sky is tingeing them.
The sunset sky:
Behind the town, the sky was a flaming fire. We didn't ride over there to see it across the water. Doesn't it look like the house is afire?


  1. Lovely sky. :) Now, about that cool tree. I'm reminded of the trees at the NC beach that are all bent over from the wind. There are LOTS of them. Are they live oaks or maybe wax myrtles. I used to think they were so amazing.

    Do you know what they are?

  2. My boys would love that tree, that bike ride!

  3. You have a fun place to play, MK!


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