Sunday, September 23, 2012

Market Colors

Don't get me wrong -- I love a luscious basket of fresh tomatoes or bright cucumbers as well as the next woman. However, there's just something so delightful about autumn colors -- even when they're from the garden! Look at these:
Sandie's stall at the market
And pumpkins! Is there anything more happy, chubby, firmly serious yet roundly cheerful, than a pumpkin? Okay, so a puppy might run a close second. I do love pumpkins.
Dried okra perhaps, and variously shaped eggplant --
Peppers. I'm not much of a pepper eater, but my eyeballs can appreciate them.
And here's my friend Pat's market stall. She makes such good breads. Her onion bread is my favorite.


  1. Hey! Looks wonderful in here. You got it all figured out. So pretty and fall-ish, like you wanted! Way to go. :)

  2. Phew!! Melissa, it seriously took me forever, and I had to be willing to let go of all those other sites that I used to run to, for my backgrounds. Adam helped me a little, by digging around on HIS blog. I'm such a slow learner! I think blogger is trying to offer much more detail here, and perhaps keep people on blogger for their design needs, instead of letting them go elsewhere. I really wonder though, how folks will be able to keep their blogger accounts, and still use the other sites' backgrounds. It didn't look to me like they're gonna let that work anymore. Many thanks for your kind offers of help!!!


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