Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Creativity Run Amok

We Christiansens seem to be in a creative spirit today. Julia went to her art workshop, and came home with this:
I really like the cloud coloring and the "shape" of the water.
Last week, she did this one. As you see, they are working in watercolors, a medium she hasn't used much.
I mentioned that Julia got a tiny palette. She painted this scene using acrylics.
And my creative efforts? They usually involve yarn, and they often look like this, at their most chaotic.  Too much yarn!
A friend on Pinterest shared a funny little knitted neck-warmer. It's at this website.  I prefer to crochet so that I can finish sometime this year, so I picked out some deep brown yarn and gave it a try! I love improvising when I do handwork. Isn't he cute? The other site calls it a "monster scarf."  Julia says I should call mine a "smonster" to go with my "smittens."  Heehee :)
Here is the smonster, around my neck. He's eating his own tail!!
I'll take this one to the market and see if he sparks any interest. I might make more.
And Adam, you say? What's he been up to today? Well, when his womenfolk are dabbling in paint and yarn, he's usually rumbling around in the kitchen. Today:  puffed pastry. He made some lighter-than-air cream cheese puffed pastry danishes. I'm so glad he only gave me two, because I'm certain I could eat as many as he put in front of me. Deadly delicious!


  1. Oh so impressive, this talented family!

  2. The smonster is cute; hope s/he sells well for you, MK. Julia is a fine artist and glad you're getting her lessons.
    I'm not coming by anymore.
    There's no way I can duplicate Adam's pastry dishes and it's disheartening to see all that wonderful goodness and not taste.
    Just kidding!


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