Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Sneaky Snack

Adam has started a food blog. He calls it Sneaky Snack.  Click on over, and add it to your usual list of bloggy reading. He has four posts, and I'm hoping he sticks with it. Honestly, he's been needing to do this for a while!
He gives the recipe for his Cuban Bread, which incorporates coffee, and gives the bread that delicious aroma of freshly-ground coffee beans.

Why the phrase "sneaky snack," you ask? Years ago, when the children were young, a friend used this phrase when describing yummy nibbles he would offer to his youngster relatives. We thought it a cute phrase, and began using it at home. Soon it became one of those defining phrases of a home. If Adam says, "sneaky snack!" from the kitchen, we all know there are delicious nibbles available for immediate consumption, before dinner -- a foretaste of future bliss, as it were.

I'm just the grunt-work cook around here; Adam is the real genius. I recommend his recipes. Well, except the ones I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole!

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  1. Went there, and enjoyed reading his writing. You're both clever with words. :) Thanks for sharing.


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