Saturday, September 22, 2012

Let's Hear It for the Local Yarn Store!

Julia and I paid a little visit to New Bern's lovely local yarn store, "Weaver's Web."
New Bern is known as an artistic community, and a truly elegant yarn store, complete with weaving looms and weaving lessons, is a delight to find. 
It's located in a charming house on Metcalf Street.
Most small yarn shops have piles on piles of sumptuous, silky-soft yarn. Look at these colors! This was only one of about 6 such walls of yarn.
This photo is for Joan and all the other knitting ladies back in the mountains. Remember the cool scarves you were making last year? This must be the latest version. It's so elegant and sparkly! You must give it a try!
"Weaver's Web" displays lots of wares for sale -- scarves, shrugs, sweaters and the like. I love this one. See the pretty pin that closes it?
More fun outerwear:
A little snake whimsy -- this one's a scarf.
Somebody at this store does a lot of very fine felting. This would be a useful bag!
The yarns at stores like this are really pricey, so I usually buy my yarn at: 1) thrift stores, 2) Michael's, 3) generous friends cleaning out closets. But for buttery-soft fingering or sock yarn, this is the store to visit. You can't find this kind of yarn at Michael's.

Oh, and just as a random extra, speaking of prices:  on Saturday I went to the mall to purchase a certain unnamed undergarment. Went to J.C. Penney's because that's where I'd found it before. Sure enough, I found it for $19. (Last time I bought it on sale for about $15, but that's neither here nor there; $19 is evidently the normal everyday price.) When leaving the mall by the Belk's exit, I decided to stroll into their foundations department and check to see if they carried the same garment, and check its price. Are you ready for this?  Exact same garment, same packaging, even the same little price sticker in the corner ... but it cost $31! My word! That's inexcusable mark-up, and if a customer is stupid enough not to compare, she deserves that $12 of pain. It pays to shop around.


  1. Candy for the eyes and hands! I've had good luck with foundations at JCP too. Reasonable prices.

  2. I remember a handful of wonderful crafty shops when we lived in New Bern. Always loved the cuteness of that town.

  3. I like Penney's, Gumbo. I don't go to the mall hardly EVER, but I'm glad we have one here.

    Melissa, I think you told me before that you'd lived in New Bern. My memory is SO bad. It is a neat town. We haven't been able to explore it fully yet. I do love all the water and old homes.

  4. Try TJ Maxx/Ross/Marshalls for the unnamed garment next time. Usually around $10.


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