Saturday, September 15, 2012

Prickly Pear

The words "prickly pear" always remind me of The Jungle Book and Baloo the Bear. Anyway, on a recent bike ride, Adam and I noticed this lovely mass of prickly pear in someone's driveway, with the blossoms about to burst open ~~ I'm assuming these are the blossoms? I don't know enough about prickly pear.
Isn't it lovely? I'll be checking for more photos of it as it blooms.
(Okay, Adam says he thinks that's the fruit, and thus the blossoms have already occurred. On Google there are pictures of these being cut up to be eaten.)
And quite by accident I discovered where the sailboat I love lives! "Little Red" (as I call her) is in this slip in the town harbor. She has an inflated boat hanging on the back, obscuring her real name, so I'll just call her "Little Red."


  1. Pretty prickly pears, MK!
    What a great idea to choose a favorite sailboat!

  2. Our prairie prickly pear are different from yours, but those red nubbins are the fruit. You can pick them (with a pliers) and make jelly out of them. I never have tho.

    Cute sailboat!

  3. I've read of people cutting open the green part and eating the flesh. They are pretty although I don't want them any more than I want thistles -grin-.


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