Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Shimmers

Adam and I biked down to the town marina to watch the boats slip around in the water. Late afternoon sun sparkled in and out of cloud.
A pair of shrimp boats sit idly with their booms up.
A few boats at anchor usually drift in the protected harbor near the dinghy dock. You can tell the wind's direction by glancing at their position.
I love the look, shape, design of this little rowboat. It reminds me of a perfect slice of fruit.
This is Adam's favorite little boat, just enough boat to dash over to Ocracoke for a few days.
Nice things to gaze at on a quiet Sunday afternoon. It was a long Saturday, and will be a very long week.


  1. A long week? Me, too. I'm going to try to remember that time ticks each day, just like the day before. No stress.
    The Pom Pom room is coming along slowly. I have so much fascinating junk! I have to stop and look at it all. When we were packing up Jeff's stuff, I said, "At least my junk makes sense." Bill said, "Yeah, to YOU!" I fear it's true.
    The boats are lovely and I think you should buy a canoe and have a few Stuart Little jaunts.

  2. OOooo - That's exactly what Adam wants, Pom! Stuart Little jaunts describe it exactly. He wants a little day boat, and he wants (as he calls it) "a destination" to sail to. Not just toodling around in the river, but a place to GO to :) Bless him. Maybe in a few years!


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