Tuesday, September 25, 2012


You must find autumn where you are. I can sigh with longing at photos on Pinterest of birch trees and fields of pumpkins and frosted beech leaves, but in the end, I'm stuck with what I have here, in coastal North Carolina. Autumn has only barely shown her shadow here yet. But we do have ... pinecones!
Pincones are wonderful fall and winter decor. They have great shape and texture, and receive paint and glue well. I really love them as they are, though. Our yard is full of them.
These are smallish pinecones. Last May, I noticed one yard in town with those mammoth -- huge -- perfect pinecones, the ones that are both round and long. None of those skinny cones - bleck! I should have gathered them all and brought them home, but I didn't. Next May, I will!
I love this little dinghy. It's a lapstrake design, although this one is probably just fiberglass.


  1. I like pinecones, too.
    And I like boats! I should do a bit more gathering soon. It's feeling more like fall here, but it's still warm.

  2. We don't have cones here on the prairie, but I always collect them when we go to the forest or around town where there are evergreens here and there. I like the dingy too.

  3. The photo of the little boat needs framing. :)


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