Thursday, September 6, 2012


I went back to prayer shawl group today, and the boxes from last week were still there, tempting me. Hmm. Plus, Gretchen-Joanna recently posted pics of some potholders she's making with little quilted fabric.
I do not quilt. The idea of sewing all those seams, one inch long, over and over, makes me crazy. But just a few seams? For a potholder? "I could do that," I thought.
So I brought home some of the fabric pieces, little pieces. Nice fabric.
Two ziploc bags were full of neatly folded prints. It looks like the previous owner paid $4 per bag!
In addition, there was this pretty piece of smocking. What to do with it? I couldn't leave it there, languishing with the odds and ends. Hunter, do you want it?
This is pretty, probably the start of a quilt. I could cut it into a circle and turn it into a potholder.
This is interesting. Two pieces of soft white cotton, with a thin layer of batting in between. Then the fine stitching, and the color, shoved inside it all like sausage in its casing -- yarn! I have no idea what to do with it, but again, it looks at me and said, "Rescue me!'
And this! A nearly-finished church banner (a small one) for Nativity. Beautiful work. It only needs to be edged.
This is the kind of fine handwork that adorns this whole piece. Who could allow it to be thrown out?
But I confess, I put it all in a plastic bag and stuffed it under the bed. I can't think about it now; maybe later.


  1. You made me laugh, mostly because I would've had the very same reaction! :)

  2. MK, if Hunter doesn't want the smocking piece, I do. How big is it? I could probably make something for Mary Blake out of it. Let me know.


  3. Chris - that's a great idea. It's fairly small, so I think it would be better for a baby MB's age anyway. But I don't know when I'll see you next! Maybe I'll stick it in the mail.

  4. I can definitely see some potholders in your future!
    For the record, my potholder project was started 12-13 years ago when I would drive my daughter to this or that class (the last homeschooler gets to go to more of these outside things, it seems) and sit with the other mothers for an hour or so. It was a social situation in which reading a book seemed rude, so I started using scraps of fabric I had around to stitch by hand during those periods.
    Now I have scads of fabric and partly-finished hotpads and nothing like those opportunities.
    Maybe while you are sitting at the street market chatting with customers? Or are the markets all over for the year?

  5. No, Gretchen -- b/c of our mild temperatures, our farmer's market is year round! Isn't that lovely? I may take some time off, if it gets cold.

  6. I can't resist that sort of handicraft either. I calls out to me to do something with it. I would have jumped all over that smocking. It's gorgeous!

  7. Thanks MK - I would love to have it. I would love to try to make something for her with it.


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