Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's a PAR-TEE!!!

Hi y'all!

I was reading over at Sandra's this morning ("Thistle Cove Farm") and heard rumor of this bloggy party happening. The party is at "Two Bags Full," and you can participate :) Especially if you're a small blogger like me, with fewer than 200 followers, this kind blogger wants to help us by giving us some visibility and getting us all out of the doldrums of reading ...

... the same-old five blogs every morning.

You know how it is!

You love your bloggy friends, but sometimes you bore of a limited blog (like always FOOD or always RUNNING or always PARENTING), and then sometimes bloggers just quit blogging! And you're left with one fewer blog to read!

So use this party to participate, and to pick up a few new blogs to read. Click on over to Vicki's beautiful blog and join in! Do a little post like this one, leave her a comment, and jump into the fun!

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  1. Hi MK, you'll love visiting with Vicki, she's a jewel! Not many people know when I took Dave to the beach, we stayed in her Florida condo. What a wonderful memory that is to me now; Dave died less than two weeks later.


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