Friday, September 16, 2011

The Afghan

Yes, it's coming together. In fact, it's looking better than I expected, considering I'm using second-hand yarn that's the wrong size and colors. Here are the first two rows, put together:
I took that pic a couple of days ago. Now I have 4 rows put together; two more to go. Then I'm planning to crochet a black border around the outside. I'll keep you posted!


  1. Hi MK- thought I'd poke my head round the door of Willows folk today! (No cream or sugar for me, thank you, just as it comes!) Pom Pom has me thoroughly intimidated with tales of all her artistic friends! I'll stick in a shamrock- if I was posting to you, I'd put in my favourite bits from Heaney's Beowulf too! Do you know that only 10% of all literature bought in the UK is poetry, but out of that 10% the vast majority is Heaney- not bad for the frozen North!

  2. Hey, mags! I'm so excited about the Grand World Tour! What fun it will be. I'm already contemplating where I'll take the Trio for their photos here. Now, that's a blog post to put some thought into.

    I am NO ARTIST. I dabble in watercolors every few years when I have nothing else to do, and only copy other people.

    Heaney is amazing. What a craftsman of words! I love his translation.


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