Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Just a Sock,

I'm finally knitting. Knitting is scary. Many people don't know this. Here's the yarn that my good friend Annie sent me, all the way from Massachusetts. It's massive! It'll make a few socks, I'm thinking!
I was down at Hunter's house, Hunter, the master knitter. She lent me some DPNs -- double pointed needles, so that I could make socks. This is the mass of chaos that exists when you use DPNs:
I cast on, and forged ahead, in spite of the mess on those needles. And eventually, something began to emerge ... See those double rows of knits and purls?
And a few rows later, you can actually see the ribbing that will go around the ankle. Phew! It's becoming a sock!
I'm now further along, into the knitted section. More photos to follow.


  1. Good work, MK! I got Elizabeth Zimmermann knitting videos for my birthday and yesterday I sat and ate popcorn, watching HER knit. I made one big sock last year that looked like a sock Braveheart might wear. I've yet to make one ordinary sock, but I have lots of how to books, of course!

  2. Everybody's knitting socks in the interwebs! I'm admiring all of you.


  3. I'm one who knows that knitting IS scary. But to see the pattern emerging in your socks after just a few rows -- that's exciting!


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