Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Tea Cozy

So, here's the tea cozy. I must say (to be honest) that it doesn't look as good in photos as it does in person :) The yarn looks bumpy and rough here, when actually it is silky and smooth -- more elegant looking. Ah well.
I had to start the coy three times. The first 2 times, I was expanding too much as I crocheted up, over the pot. I also began with an idea to do the round disc bottom, and then make two side panels that would come up on either side of the pot, leaving both the spout and the handle free. But the third time I began, I liked the idea of crocheting all the way around, leaving only the handle free. Here I am, just up to the spout. I made a little chain stitch above the spout -- the spout slips into its own hole in the cozy. The handle side is closed with a ribbon.
Here's the ribbon. You can't see much of it on the finished cozy because it's threaded through the neck of the cozy. Very pretty ribbon though. I want to crochet with the reminded. I don't know what yet.

The finished cozy. I hope you can get an idea of it. It's not designed to keep the tea piping hot. If a tea cozy is like a coat for your tea pot, then perhaps this is more like a tea jacket :) (Or as Julia says, a tea sweater).


  1. Pretty tea sweater. I'm always impressed by those of you who crochet and knit.

  2. Well, I'm clapping for you! You are a tea cozy maker! I love to look at tea cozies on different sites. You are brave!
    Maybe I will pick up a crochet hook tonight. I've been wanting to try some flowers.

  3. Next time you come over, remind me to show you the tea cozies Kenneth's grandma crochets.


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