Monday, September 5, 2011

Peter's Fried Egg Sandwich

Peter saw a picture online of something he wanted to eat. Here it is! He said to remove the inside of two pieces of bread. I didn't have a biscuit/doughnut cutter, so I just used the rim of a glass. Put the 2 pieces, stacked, into a well-buttered frying pan on medium heat. Then carefully crack two eggs into the hole.
And let the eggs cook on low heat until they are holding together well on the bottom. If you wait until the white is cooked fully, you'll be there until bedtime. So grip your spatula and give it your best pancake flip:
Be sure you buttered the area on the pan you flipped it onto also. Then let it finish grilling.
Peter decided it would be good with a slice of deli ham and some American cheese, so we did that too. We warmed the ham in the skillet first, and I covered the whole thing with a smaller skillet, so the cheese would soften.
He said it was very good. So then I made one for myself.


  1. Oh yeah. That's my kind of sandwich! I've heard it called Toad in the Hole. I like the addition of ham & cheese.

  2. At camp we called it Egg in the Hole and poured an Eggs Benedict sort of sauce over the lot! Tasty!
    On the movie Spanglish, the father makes the most scrumptious looking egg sandwich. I think I shall make Peter's version tomorrow morning to gird me up for the school day.

  3. We called it eggs in a basket, but boy yours looks so much better than anything I ever made. YUM!

  4. yum, we LOVE egg sandwiches around here!

  5. We call in a "hole in one", though I suppose Peter's would be two holes in two.


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